[Name here] is Genian technology which operates around the famous equation by Einstein: E=MC2 meaning Energy is equal to Matter times the speed of light[C] squared. What it basically means is Matter (i.e. anything) can be turned directly into large amounts of energy. Genian weaponry and Power stations are the primary uses of this technology and there are prototypes of machines to reverse these effects, i.e. to turn energy into matter. Genian weaponry uses this technology to burn the matter of their magazines (which are simply dense, thick silver discs, though anything you can fit in the mag slot can be used) to create blasts of raw kinetic, heat and light energy (with some residual sound) tearing and cauterizing flesh and armour. Genian Power stations work using this technology, and double as dumps, as people can simply toss their rubbish into a pit to power their city.