Nattei Yhetrahalf


Born: 3009 (Genian calender)

Died: N/A



Also known as Eric Gogh, Nattei Yhetrahalf is a Genian,son of Otrebb and Itacana Yhetrahalf (Both Deceased)and twin to Kamrokk Yhetrahalf. He/Eric Gogh is father to Aisling and Arthur Gogh/Yhetrahalf.


Nattei is a Genian, which means he is physically unique to any other of his kind. He is fairly tall for a Genian, at around 9 foot 4 inches, and has light blue skin, and green eyes. As with most Genians, he has neither a visible nose nor hair. One of his most notable features are his four ears and six arms. He has the standard two legs and has 3 8-centimeter toes on his size 18 feet. His face is fairly symmetrical, with Genian standard large eyes and a smallish mouth.