The Messiah Project was a Genian "Reboot system" created mere months before the outbrake of the Genian-K'thalae War to protect the Genians from extinction. It was launched unnessesarily upon the beginning of said war. Nattei and Kamrokk Yhetrahalf were members of this project among 148 others. The general idea was 150 genian children were launched to different planets (30 to each of the 5 selected planets) containing sapient life using mass transmission systems. the children would be launched inside "Imprint pods" which would automatically imprint The DNA of the nearest sapient life on the child upon landing. this would allow the child to live incognito lives on that planet, though they themselves didn't know they were Genians. Genian DNA is so unstable and strong that the Descendants of the project members [messiahs] would be more-or-less pure genian. The Messiahs' DNA was coded so that the third generation of descendants (grandchildren) would automatically remember their species, their legacy, etc. to recreate a Genian empire. Due to the lack of nessecity in this after the K'thalae turned out to be less of a threat than expected, and the eventual threat of hostile spacefaring Genian empires in the future lead to the recalling of the Messiahs. Almost all Messiahs were recalled, leaving only 36 genians strewn about the galaxy