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In 5,122 on the Genian calendar the Genians had developed anti-gravity technology (this kind of technology proved far more difficult than artificial gravity in spaceships) and so could combat a great problem on their world: Meteors. Due to the low amount of gas giant planets in the Prosipiae system, and that the one that is there has a perpendicular orbital axis to Genia, means that Genia has little to no protection from HVCO's (High Velocity Celestial Objects) While Meteors of an apocalyptic size were rare, and the few that did come towards Genia partially burned up in the planet's atmosphere, lessening the catastrophe of such events. Meteors were regarded as something similar to serious earthquakes and/or tsunamis on earth, in that they were fairly uncommon - usually no more than 10 or so major HVCO's every Genian year (About 7 earth years) - but at the same time were far from unheard of. Anyways, back to the solution. The Genians' new found anti-gravity technology got them thinking; why not force the meteors into a stable orbit? Many Genians were more in favor of repelling the Meteors outright or in fact, doing nothing - the Meteors were in some ways helpful; they provided ores and due to the growing problem of overpopulation on Genia, some of the more cold-hearted politicians viewed the catastrophes as slowing down the population growth (not only via the direct deaths in the event, the pessimists thought, but also via the suicides of distraught family members living elsewhere) However the project remained, as it could also deal with the overpopulation, via colonizing these new floating islands. Tests began for a device to project a net of conflicting Kinetic energy waves (the basis of Their anti-gravity technology) In a secret laboratory about two-thirds 


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